Friday, July 18, 2014

Restaurant Review: Southern Aminia

This week I am posting a restaurant review. Last week, it was my hubby's birthday, so my parents decided to celebrate his birthday in advance by treating us to a Biryani lunch.

We were planning to visit Arsalan, when the birthday boy suggested we try out Southern Aminia. I was under a wrong impression that this is solely a take away joint. I was pleasantly surprised to find a cozy restaurant on the second floor.

The restaurant is situated close to Golpark and is quite easy to locate.

The interiors are done up with comfy sofas and wrought-iron furniture. The d├ęcor gives a cheerful feel.

Southern Aminia
57, Ballygunge Gardens, Gol Park, Kolkata.   
Pocket pinch for two: INR 400-450
The menu is quite reasonably priced. You can order the ususal favorites, namely biryani and Chicken/Mutton Chaap. Also a number of kebabs and side dishes.
The menu card
To our disappointment, we could not order the Aminia Special chicken dish. They said the this dish can be ordered only in their New Market outlet (near the Elite movie theatre).
I went in for the Mutton Biryani (INR 140) eternal favorite!
Mutton Biryani
My parents decided to share a plate of Chicken Awadhi Biryani (INR 255).
check the beautiful...Chicken Awadhi Biryani!
My little S, settled for Tandoori rotis (INR 10/piece) and a plate of Chicken Rezala (INR 120).
Hubby man ordered for Tandoori rotis with a plate of aromatic Mutton Tawa Chaap (INR 150).
Tandoori rotis, Mutton Tawa Chaap, and Chicken Rezala
The biryani, I need write nothing about. All those who have had biryani at any outlet of Aminia can vouch for it. Though the Mutton Biryani was a tad bit greasy, I just threw the calories to the wind and tucked in with gusto! The Chicken Rezala was in a delicate white gravy and not all spicy. It is the only dish that my little one will have!!!
But the star of the ceremony was the Mutton Tawa Chaap. It was fragrant and the meat was beautifully tender.
For dessert we ordered for Mango Phirni, which was the season's selection. The Mango Phirni was delectable, totally melt-in-the mouth! We all loved it. Little S had two phirnis!!
All in all, it was gala feast for the taste buds. I would highly recommend this outlet for any family outing. This foodie-joint is roomy, the food is good, and the service is prompt! :)


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